¥ung M☾☾N 🌕 – “Nux Vomica” (New Wave of West Coast Trapviolence)

I hope this mesmerizing piece of lucid trap brings to mind those visions so vivid you have to double check whether it really happened as you rip your sheets off your sweaty, still quivering body under the glow of the pale moon hanging above so many fucking miles above. Did the moon live one day before being cast into the cold black darkness, vaporized of all remnants of life, leaving chalky grey caves and dark scars across its entire form? “NO”, you think, “it was always dead and empty”. a smile cracks across your childish face, a face looking many years younger than it truly is. “…just like me”, you exhale, kicking off into a world of nightmares that could never compare to reality of fucked up daily life. https://www.yungmoon.com https://www.soundcloud.com/fettikrueger https://yungmoon.bandcamp.com


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