ψuηg m⊕⊕η – Icons of Filth


ψuηg m⊕⊕η – Icons of Filth

Occultist Dark Trap from the blvck trenches ov Los Angeles


Among fetid poverty, dark perversion and unreciprocated worship, blooms rage, envy, lust and hate among all hearts. How can we ever be free from these outomes when the seeds permeate our very souls from the day we are born? As it is ingrained in our flesh, our blood, our history, our ancestors…. As long as there are those who live or die, there will be inequality and its inevitable path to domination and destruction. As there will always be those who break, there will be those ready to control them waiting in shadows.

Don’t fight the bondage of your flesh prisons, it’s been there all your life. Just try to forget, stay in our own world, your own inner circle and maybe you will find some peace in your solitary inner sanctum before it is stripped from you violently for all to see.

Those hard years where you stayed strong with integrity have all come to this… and I am so sorry.


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